Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blog and LMS (Learner Management System) Update

Dear Parents,
As we Broadway teachers continue to learn and begin using our new learner management system, Schoology,  with students, I have come to realize it may not be just the right tool for parent communication, and if it is, it probably won't be this year.  That said, from this point on, I will be using this blog for much of my communication with you.  I will also continue to use emails.  This should help me to be more predictable in my communications.

I will continue to post new Word Study words for each group weekly.  If you notice a delay in your child's words, please let me know as soon as possible so I can remedy this.  With groups meeting every day, sometimes posting it on the blog gets away from me for a day or so.

The addition combinations and related subtraction facts that we have learned so far are now posted on the Math page of this blog.  If your child needs another set at home for any reason, they may make them on index cards or even slips of paper.  Please have them NOT write the answer on the front of the card, but only on the back.

The pages for other subject areas will be updated periodically to reflect new units and other information regarding our learning.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me in person, via email, or by phone so I can address them.

Finally, I have posted a class list for valentines on the blog.  If your child chooses to bring valentines for any members of the class, please be sure they include everyone so we can avoid hurt feelings.  Sadly, we do NOT have time in class to create valentine mail boxes, but your child is welcome to create a container at home to bring it in the week of Valentine's Day. If anyone is interested in helping me plan and execute a low key Valentine's Day party on February 14, I would welcome the help.  Please let me know via email.

Thank you,

Mrs. Brahmsteadt

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Dear Parents,

Welcome to my blog.  As I mentioned at Parent Information Night, I hope this will be a temporary way for me to communicate with you until the district has our new Learner Management System up and running and ready to use.  They are close, and I'll keep you posted.  As soon as I am able, I'll begin having the students practice navigating it at school.   Occasionally, your student's homework assignment will be to encourage you to visit our blog. Thank you.

Mrs. Brahmsteadt